We don’t think it at all presumptuous to say life as we know it, with all its magic and complexities, is best appreciated against the backdrop of yesteryear. Only after dissecting the DNA of Miami & the Beaches were we truly comfortable calling ourselves Miamians.

And as we love sharing our storied evolution, we spent the last few years creating the Biscayne Bay Directory®.com, a curated website celebrating the history, grandeur, mystique and allure of the Bay and surrounds.

Indeed, we delight in discovering those in whose footsteps we walk, in whose cities we live, in whose houses we sleep, in whose dreams we revel. And just as we love history, we cherish the quietness with which architecture tells the story of a moment, a decade, a movement, a life.

From the founding framers to the latest market insights—we know Miami. And to best serve you, we are continually educating and improving, staying abreast of the latest facts, figures and trends.



The S Team is driven by the need to ensure each client is treated like its sole client. As we are committed to truly understanding your needs, your motivation is our dedication; your satisfaction our obsession. Quite simply, your needs dictate our priorities.
Whatever spurs your motivation, whether an emergency or you’re simply relocating, upgrading or downgrading, the S Team’s expertise works hard to ensure your success. As
National Association of Realtors® Pricing Strategy Advisor, we strongly believe in ensuring you price your property right the first time—saving you time and freeing you from the hassles of repricing.
We negotiate so you can move on with the greatest return—in as little time.




You might have already known but it bears repeating: An amazing 93% of real estate transactions can trace their roots to the internet. We know it can be engulfing just trying to digest what it all means to clear the online clutter so you can shine in a market rooted in today’s language.


To rise above the internet noise, you can ill-afford to be just another bore wading through the clutter of sameness. That’s for the unimaginative. We are imagination personified, and like you, we wholeheartedly reject tired jargon and cookie-cutter presentations because we believe in you standing out.


And because most real estate transactions now begin online, we create and curate a website, dedicated solely to your house—until it sells. From professional photos to videos to descriptions, your house will have its own dedicated online presence, telling its own story and allowing for easy sharing, not just across social media platforms but across the globe.

Your confidence is paramount, and we wouldn't have it otherwise. The S Team is a certified internet marketing specialist with the coveted National Association of Realtors® ePRO designation.



Reading, forecasting and adjusting to the market is in our DNA, embedded in our realities. With decades of international real estate expertise, we are adept at adapting old recipes to today’s palate, while keeping a pulse on exactly how to reach your ideal buyer(s).
After all, the S Team is as experienced as it is inventive, having had to negotiate the transition to things digital, just as we’ve had to navigate the inherent peaks and valleys of the market. 



Teeming with love and powered by decades of real estate, sales, marketing, photography, art, writing, media and public relations expertise, the S Team is armed with the acumen, creativity and prowess to have your house showing like it should!


The S Team uses the latest professional equipment, including top-tier cameras, drones and gimbles to turn the spotlight on your house. And you’re worth every dime of that investment.  How can we look good if we penny-pinch in making your house look its best?


Here’s the best news! The S Team does it all in-house. We are bound by our timetable, not that of vendors or contractors. Where others have to rely on outside resources—we are fully self-contained, affording us the luxury of giving you the highest quality and attentiveness, every single time. 


With the S Team you get:


  • Commitment to you

  • Images and videos by an acclaimed artist, painter & professional photographer

  • Original content by a professional journalist with advertising & public relations expertise

  • Fluency in oral and written English, Spanish & French

  • Meticulousness in every approach

  • Professionalism as we believe service is a lost art that deserves a comeback  

  • Sales & Negotiation Strategies to advocate for you

Meet Julie

Meet Jerome



We can’t imagine you saying no to the greatest return in shortest time! That’s one reason we stand ready to put our negotiating skills to work for you. As National Association of Realtors® Real Estate Negotiation Expert, the S Team is only as good as keeping your stress at a minimum. Our commitment to you means constant communicating but also cooperating with co-broking agents—all the while advocating for your interests—making for a smooth transaction.



Fluent in English, Spanish & French, we are the S Team, and like you, we prefer unabashed perfectionism, the ingenious, the captivating. And that’s not to say we ignore the tried-and-true basics. We simply choose to pile on the extras—using our expertise in art, journalism, videography, photography, advertising and public relations to showcase you. 


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