JEROME SOIMAUD (Pronounced Swammo)

I must say, it took a moment to fully acclimate to the Magic City. As a Parisien, I immediately fell in love with the weather, but as you might appreciate, had delve into the history, architecture and culture of this amazing city before I was truly, comfortably at home. I look forward to meeting you, and to putting my years of real estate experience, art and love of cultures to work for you.

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To See the Future + Look to the Past


"My understanding of a place comes first from its past. Maybe it’s my European upbringing, but I need to know every detail of its history to understand its soul,” reflects a pensive Jerome Soimaud. And whether it’s the soul of art or architecture, the French transplant delves deep to give context and perspectives.


It’s that same approach Jerome brings to his newest Miami venture, real estate, calling on decades-long experience that began in Paris but not before a total immersion into the history and culture of the Magic City. With a dogged and almost archeological approach, Jerome dived beneath the surface, getting to know Miami and its storied history, decade by decade, street by street, building by building.

Falling in Love + The Only Thing to Do


It was during the ‘getting to know you’ that Jerome, a renowned artist, grew truly intrigued by Biscayne Bay. Having spent almost three years researching and mastering the DNA of each community on the Bay, he now blushes less when he’s referred to as the expert on each waterfront lot.

In 2017, Jerome founded TheBiscayneBayDirectory®.com, a website creating a community, not only of those who live on the bay, but of those who cherish it. 

Family + Matters


Whether you call it pedigree or you call it nurturing, you won’t be mistaken in calling it undeniable: Real estate is in Jerome’s DNA. Born into a family of developers, the eldest of four children remembers—with gratification—his mother taking the helm of a business started by her father.


Among some of Jerome’s most treasured childhood memories of his mother, were her not-so-subtle ways of grooming him, all the while sharing the intricacies of the deal—even at the age of eight. He needed little cajoling, though. Real estate came naturally, though perhaps not as naturally for his grandfather, stories about whom continue to inspire. Jerome is especially enamored by tales of a self-made man, who, determined to escape anti-Semitism left his native Greece for France—without a penny. Among his successes? Constructing a building on the Champs Elysee, among Paris’ most iconic avenues. 


Proof + Positive


Long before the ease of the internet, drawing on a proud lineage, Jerome became one of the most sought-after commercial brokers in his native Paris, closing deals in the millions of dollars by the time he was 24. He’s has an innate adeptness mastering the ebbs and flows of real-estate cycles, and counts instincts coupled with years of passion among his most precious assets. In fact, real estate was always his mainstay, providing the means to support his alter ego—the painter.

Blurred + Lines

Building communities is nothing new for Jerome, who, having moved to the US in 2006, spent the ensuing decade as an artist and gallerist, deliberately choosing to communicate the realities of fringe cultures. Much like he did with the 2011 opening of Yeelen Gallery in the heart of Little Haiti, a move that helped immerse him in the Haitian culture where he documented everyday life, giving audiences an insight into the realities of the community.


Whether real estate, art or photography, Jerome brings tenacity, an acute sense of perspective, an uncompromising attention to detail and unparalleled work ethic to every venture, leaving no room for the subpar. 


When the married father of four daughters is not hard at work, he enjoys reading, travels to obscure destinations that allow immersion into the local culture, learning, world music and dancing.



Some + Highlights 

  •       RENE: Real Estate Negotiation Expert

  •       PSA: Pricing Strategy Advisor

  •       ePRO: Certified Internet Technology Professional

  •      Member, National Association of Realtors®

  •      Member, Florida Association of Realtors®

  •      Member, Miami Association of Realtors®

  •      Featured in The New York Times 

  •      30+ years as successful broker grossing millions in closed deals (France)

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