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Curated "BORE BUSTERS®" That Will Have You & Your Family Asking 'What Confinement?'

Updated: Apr 26

As parents, we can’t help but wonder if we are the only ones searching for levity to help put #COVID-19 into perspectives, especially right here in our beloved #Miami Beach. Yes, this is a global affair, but as Miamians, we’ve always been expert at bringing it home. And besides, don’t we cope best with camaraderie-–even if only virtually, for now? So what we can’t currently physically come together as neighbors? As we seem to be in this for at least the immediate future, all the more reason to share our very own BORE BUSTERS®, tips and strategies for emerging even stronger. We’d love to hear your secret weapons for staving off complete meltdown for your immediate and extended families. And yes, we are real estate practitioners who just happen to be parents sharing the same fears, anxieties and hopes as our neighbors. What's helping you to keep it all together? We'd love to hear from you, and are here if and when you need us: (305) 299-5863 | js@s-team.miami!


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